Sunday, August 1, 2010

Top Manufacturing - Gasing Lagenda, Malacca

Wood Core

Many people know, especially among the Malay community of top games. But many of us do not know how to make them. Process to go through several stages. The first stage is the core of lumber or wood. Wood core usually square. Among the most popular type of wood used is wood keranji, leban, tualam, mangrove and others. This timber should be retained in room temperature for four years to ensure hardness of wood top and not easily broken. Wood is then drawn up to be like a form of top.

Insert Axis

Next is the process of inserting the axis or nail into the wood. This process uses a special machine to ensure a balance of top when playing. To top standards, the long axis of the top Temin is not more than 0.5cm. For site axis, 0.3cm in diameter is the minimum and maximum is 1cm.

Rough Lathe

Next process is rough lathe. It is a process where the wood lathed became a top.
But it is not real detailed and delicate. Usually the manufacturer will make top up to top level only rough lathe. This is because, only the top customers who have ordered only to do the next.It is to avoid completely finished top for so long neglected to change the form of a tapering and interfere rotation. The top was lathed rough can be stored up to three months.

Fine Lathe

When the top has been ordered by the customer, then the next made the delicate lathe.
It is a process for the care and subtlety. To make the top smooth surface, sandpaper is an instrument. It must be done carefully to ensure the form does not run out of the top wanted.

Head Done

After completion of the process of fine lathe, plaster to form the top or head done. Plaster may be made by placing fine wood dust mixed with an appropriate glue. However, there are some top do not need wood dust, but it uses a type of steel to add weight and balance on top.

After the dust timber seal began to harden, it must be erased using coarse and fine hone.
It is to obtain results on the finer plaster. This is the last process. If the top is used for the competition should be painted if necessary.


Next is the carved top. This process is to use only material gifts. Various patterns and motifs used to add aesthetic value on top. It is crafted using a special chisel to get a finer result. The most commonly used types of sculptures are carved arise where the subject arises, and carved down the sink subject.

The Top

This is the result when all the top production process is finished. This is the top used for souvenirs. Usually top for this purpose is not painted but sprayed with varnish only with the purpose to create wood grain look more natural.

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